IHF World Hospital Congress | IHF Awards
The World Hospital Congress of the International Hospital Federation (IHF) is a unique global forum that brings together leaders of national and international hospital and healthcare organizations to discuss key drivers of national and international policy, management, financial trends and solutions in healthcare management and service delivery.
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IHF Awards

The IHF Awards 2020 is Postponed


Due to the growing concerns about COVID-19, the Awards Committee has decided to postpone the IHF Awards 2020. The committee fully understands that in these challenging times, it is impossible if not difficult for hospitals to redirect their time away from managing the COVID-19 outbreak. Hence, we have decided that this is not an appropriate time or best condition to hold the awards.


In line with the postponement, eligibility of entries for the IHF Awards 2021 will also be updated to accommodate projects completed or partially completed from 2017 – 2020.


We would also like to take this opportunity to pay a special tribute to the healthcare industry for the exceptional hard work and sacrifices that they’ve done in combatting the pandemic. With that, we are pleased to announce know that we will be launching the Beyond the Call of Duty for COVID-19: The IHF COVID-19 Response Recognition Programme. With a mission to support hospital performance improvement, this Recognition Programme is provided to health care organisations and health service providers which have proactively put in place outstanding and innovative organizational responses and/or projects in facing the COVID-19 pandemic in their region. More information about this programme will be shared soon.

About the IHF Awards


The International Hospital Federation (IHF) Awards  recognizes and honors hospitals and healthcare organizations for innovation, excellence, outstanding achievements and best practices in areas that are worthy of international recognition.


These include:

  • Governance, leadership, management policies and practices;
  • Quality service delivery in multiple areas at affordable costs;
  • Culture of service to motivate healthcare professionals to excel;
  • Innovations in healthcare delivery or process management;
  • Quality and safety, ethical approaches and evidence-based practices in patient-centered care;
  • Sustainable environment, energy conservation and green initiatives;
  • Addressing inequalities in healthcare service delivery to the community;
  • Advancing healthcare for emerging and developing nations