45th IHF World Hospital Congress’ Call for Abstracts extended until 31 March

28 February 2022

Due to overwhelming demand, the submission of abstracts for the 45th World Hospital Congress of the International Hospital Federation has been extended until 31 March.

The IHF World Hospital Congress  offers a unique global forum that brings together International Hospital Federation members, leaders and decision-makers of hospitals, health services, and healthcare organizations to discuss key drivers of national and international policy, leadership, management, service delivery, financial trends and solutions. Through this forum, participants can share knowledge and good practices, exchange new ideas and innovations, and network with other senior executives from across the international healthcare community. It is the perfect venue for healthcare executives and managers seeking the opportunity to engage in a 360-degree learning and knowledge-sharing experience among peers.

The event is being hosted this year by Dubai Health Authority  at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre on 9-11 November with the over-arching theme “Global Learnings, Local Actions: Sustainable Healthcare”.

Executives, professionals and healthcare providers working in hospitals, facilities or government settings, academes, research institutions, NGOs who want to present their work, orally (10-minute or 5-minute presentations) or as a poster, are invited to submit an abstract to the Scientific Committee for consideration. Submitting an abstract gives you the chance to showcase your work and achievements to the international healthcare community.

The following are the sub-themes and topics of the Congress:


  • Harnessing digital technology to optimize performance.
  • Alternative hospital delivery models, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Ensuring the continuum of care during and after a crisis.


  • Healthcare workforce challenges and solutions.
  • Person-centered care improving outcomes and experiences.
  • Ensuring caregivers’ wellbeing.
  • Inclusive and equitable healthcare: what the COVID-19 pandemic revealed.
  • Hospital leadership –
    • Building the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed as a leader.
    • Role of leadership in building and shaping a successful organization.

Good practices and innovations from hospitals combatting climate change and its impacts across low, middle, and high-income settings. These practices will include (but are not limited to):

    • Supply chain management.
    • Changes in clinical care.
    • Hospital design and development (physical plant/infrastructure).
    • High-tech to low-tech solutions.
    • Organizational culture focused on sustainability.
    • Green leadership and governance.