A poster is used to present a research with an academic or professional focus and is reviewed by peers during the event.


Around 200 posters should be presented during the event. As there will be no specific poster session, we encourage both poster presenters and attendees to be present in poster areas during coffee breaks and lunch breaks. Posters will be displayed throughout the whole event.


44 posters have been shortlisted from all the categories and will be reviewed by a jury. Then the jury will elect the best poster. The presenter will receive a certificate and will be entitled of a free registration at the next congress in Brisbane in 2018.

Each location code is related to a specific area in the building and posters are grouped by category.
To check the where your posters of interest are located, please download the map of the posters here.

Location Title Category Author Country
1A01 A nurse practitioner delivered health education program to improve pneumococcal vaccination rate among elder patients Service Delivery Po-yu Liu Taiwan
1A02 A Preliminary Study on the Convenience of Services for the Elderly in the Smart Hospital: A Study of Outpatient Service Service Delivery Shu-hui Chuang Taiwan
1A03 A real-time computer-aided visual board increases the efficiency of an operation room Service Delivery Chieh Liang Wu Taiwan
1A04 A tool to ease tribal conflict – intelligent scheduling by one touch Service Delivery Wan-fu Wu Taiwan
2C20 Achieve Zero Errors by combining the batch number management system with NIH cloud medicine system Quality of Care and Patient Safety Wei-hao Feng Taiwan
1C01 An Efficient Method in Assorting Medical Supplements with Colored and Numbered Labels :an application in inventory management of operating rooms Leadership and Management Hsiao-Ling Tsou Taiwan
2C21 Analysis of the Outcomes of Comprehensive Clinical Pharmaceutical Care for Breast Cancer Patients Quality of Care and Patient Safety I-hsiang Lin Taiwan
1C02 Application of Business Intelligence in Bed-Management Decision Support System -in a Health Care System in Central Case Leadership and Management Kuanyi Liu Taiwan
1A05 Application of Electronic Whiteboard in Nursing Administration Service Delivery Li Yu-jyuan Taiwan
2C39 Application of Integrated Care Program (Hospitalists) in Emergency Department in Taiwan: 4 years experience Quality of Care and Patient Safety Kao-chang Lin Taiwan
1E01 Application of Quality Function Deployment in exploring the quality of outpatient service in a local age-friendly community hospital Long Term Care Zih-jie Sun Taiwan
1A06 Applying HFMEA to Reduce the Risks of Infant Abductions within the Hospital Service Delivery Mingying Lee Taiwan
2C09 Applying SSKIN Care Bundle for Patients with Incontinent-Associated Dermatitis: An Evidence-Based Approach Quality of Care and Patient Safety Shu Min Chang Taiwan
1E20 Appropriateness of NK1-receptor antagonist utilization in patients receiving chemotherapy Challenges To Access Treatment Hui-hsia Hsieh Taiwan
1E21 Assessment of Efficacy and Safety of Current Statin Therapy for Patients with Hyperlipidemia Challenges To Access Treatment Leo Tsui Taiwan
2A05 Attitudes And Perception Of Patient Safety Reporting: Cross-Sectional Survey Quality of Care and Patient Safety Chia Hui Cheng (Presenter: Li-Yueh Huang) Taiwan
2C22 Benefits of the Clinical Guidelines Adherence for Hospitalized Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction Quality of Care and Patient Safety Shih Ching Chen Taiwan
2C17 Breast Cancer Care Program Quality of Care and Patient Safety Dar-ren Chen Taiwan
2B01 Building up a High-quality Cardiac Team at a Regional Hospital Quality of Care and Patient Safety Lin Jiunncherng Taiwan
1A07 Bundles of strategies improve inpatients discharge before noon Service Delivery Mei-yu Chang Taiwan
2C40 Care of the Hip Fracture Risk in Patients with Stroke: A Population-Based Study In Taiwan Quality of Care and Patient Safety Yuan-hung Wang Taiwan
1C03 Comparison of The Effectiveness Between two Hospitals Orientation Programs for New Graduate Nurses Leadership and Management Guo Shu-liu Taiwan
1A08 Cost-Effectiveness of Mini-laparotomy for Colorectal Cancers in Elderly Patients Service Delivery Herng-chia Chiu Taiwan
1D01 Difficult airway Workshop and difficult-airway trolley system improved the clinical outcomes of endotracheal intubation Technology Chu Hsien Wang Taiwan
1D02 Effect of an Automatic Warning System On the Inappropriate Pill Splitting of Medications Technology Chia-chen Hsu Taiwan
2C23 Effect of High Fidelity Resuscitation Simulation Team Training on General Ward Quality of Care and Patient Safety Sheng Hui Hung Taiwan
2B09 Effectiveness of Application of Mobile Internet Devices to the Intake and Output Recording of Patients at Intensive Care Units (ICU) Quality of Care and Patient Safety Hsui-hui Yu (Presenter: Su-chen Pong) Taiwan
1C04 Effectiveness of the Flipped Classroom on Novice Nurses’ Skills Training Leadership and Management Ya Wen Lee Taiwan
1A09 Effectiveness of the Promotion of Advanced Care Planning Service Delivery Jeng-mei Hsu Taiwan
1E02 Effects 0f Moderate to Vigorous-Intensity Exercise on Cardiopulmonary Endurance in Clients with Chronic Psychiatric Disorder Long Term Care Wan-chi Hsu Taiwan
1A10 Effects of an integrated obesity care program in Lukang Christian hospital, Taiwan Service Delivery Pei-ru Huang Taiwan
2C10 Effects of Multidisciplinary Care on Mortality Risk within 30 days after Dialysis for End-stage Renal Disease Patients Quality of Care and Patient Safety Pei-shan Tseng Taiwan
1A11 Effects of Pharmaceutical Care Intervention by Pharmacistsion Refill Prescription Patients of Medication Service Delivery Ching-tai Cheng Taiwan
1E03 Effects of Thickened-Flavor Water on Cough Frequency and Fluid Intake to Elderly in the Long-term Care Settings Long Term Care Huang Cyong-huei Taiwan
2C18 Electronic medical records and imaging medical system Quality of Care and Patient Safety Jia-min Wu Taiwan
1E12 Enhanced the self-care abilities of metabolic syndrome with following education model Patient As A Stakeholder Hui Ting Li (Presenter: Ling-jane Tsai) Taiwan
2A14 Establishment and Effectiveness of Pharmaceutical Home Care in Elderly Patients with Triple H (Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia and Hyperglycemia) Quality of Care and Patient Safety Lih-chi Chen Taiwan
2B15 Evaluating Compliance Rate of Patient Safety Practice via Patient’s Experience Quality of Care and Patient Safety Pei-wen Liao Taiwan
1C05 Evaluation of Formosa Technology’s E-Market Place: A Case Study of a Regional Teaching Hospital in Southern Taiwan Leadership and Management Wen-hsiung Cheng Taiwan
1E13 Exploring Hospital’s Social Responsibility: External Stakeholders’ Perspectives Patient As A Stakeholder Wei-chou Chang Taiwan
2C41 Factors that affect patients with head and neck cancer on radiation therapy quality Quality of Care and Patient Safety Pei Jung Lin Taiwan
1A12 Feasibility of portable ultrasonography in home-based patient care Service Delivery Tiffany Ting-fang Shih Taiwan
2C24 Gender Difference in the Association of Statin Therapy and Incident Dementia: A Population-based Study of Elderly Taiwanese Quality of Care and Patient Safety Chian-ying Chou Taiwan
1A13 Genomic medicine in Changhua Christian Hospital, Taiwan: innovation, research and service Service Delivery Ming Cheng Taiwan
1E14 Glycemia Analysis and Establishment of a Health Management Plan Based on the Health Checkup Data of 9371 Senior Citizens Patient As A Stakeholder Meng-szu Lee Taiwan
2C42 HCC Comprehensive Care Program Quality of Care and Patient Safety Wei-wen Su Taiwan
1E04 HIV infection long-term care institutions resettlement policy Long Term Care Chao Fen lu Taiwan
1A14 Holistic Care with Tai Chi Exercise can maintain the function of balance and allevating Depression in Patients with Spinocerebellar Degeneration Service Delivery Chin San Liu Taiwan
1A15 How to focus on the value of the patient to integrate the management quality system effectively? -Quality Improvement from Management to Clinical, from Strategy to Operation: An experience from Feng Yuan Hospital (FYH) Service Delivery Hsiu-ying Lin Taiwan
2A15 Immediate review of medication orders by pharmacists with the computerized prescription verification system to help reduce medication errors Quality of Care and Patient Safety Yuan-ting Yang Taiwan
2C43 Implement the effectiveness of the Shock Treatment And Resuscitation Team Quality of Care and Patient Safety Mei-hua Chen Taiwan
2B12 Implementation of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Based Pathways to Improve Postoperative Care in a Teaching Hospital Quality of Care and Patient Safety Lin Yu-hsuan Taiwan
2A06 Improve the accuracy rate of blood culture collection in the emergency room Quality of Care and Patient Safety Ya-hui Chiu Taiwan
2A02 Improve the overdue rate when emergency patients transfer to the ward Quality of Care and Patient Safety Hung-shen Wu Taiwan
2A07 Improvement of inhalation skill on usage of Small Volume Nebulizer by diversified approaches Quality of Care and Patient Safety Tien-pei Fang (Presenter: Hsiu-I Hsiao) Taiwan
1A16 Improvement of the safety in drugs use during pregnancy by Intelligent Medicine Bag Service Delivery Yang Ai Yu Taiwan
2B06 Improvement the isolating rate of Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter Baumannii in SICU Quality of Care and Patient Safety Cheng Li-chung Taiwan
2B14 Improving Patient Safety through Rapid Response Team operation Quality of Care and Patient Safety Chen Hsuan Taiwan
2C33 Improving the accuracy of hemodialysis patients’ weights through information platform Quality of Care and Patient Safety Lin Yu-jhen Taiwan
1D03 Improving the correction of nesting and positioning of premature infants Technology Li-chuan Liao Taiwan
2C25 Improving the Glutaraldehyde Performance Accuracy Rate in Operating Room Nurses Quality of Care and Patient Safety Chun-chin Hsieh Taiwan
2C34 Improving the Nursing Guidance Integrity in Gynecological Cancer Patients with Intraperitoneal Tenckhoff Tube Chemotherapy Quality of Care and Patient Safety Hsiu-neng Chang Taiwan
2B02 Improving the Weaning Rate for Ventilator Dependent Patients in Subacute Respiratory Care Ward-Experience from Central Taiwan Medical Center Quality of Care and Patient Safety Jiun-long Wang Taiwan
1D04 Information Technology Acceptance of Hospital Setting in West Africa: A Perspective on Knowledge Transfer Technology Hung-pin Hou Taiwan
1A17 Innovative opportunity for healthcare promoting – shared decision making from physician-patient Service Delivery Tzu-ting Lin Taiwan
2A08 Integrated Holistic Care Improve Healthcare Quality: Implementation of 6-year experience Quality of Care and Patient Safety Cheng-hsu Chen Taiwan
2A16 Integration of Clinical Service and Administrative Operation Reduces the Incidence of Outliers in Cancer Core Measure Indicators Quality of Care and Patient Safety Yi-Hui Jiang Taiwan
1A18 Intervention Evaluation of Community Care for Chronic Psychiatric Patients in Taipei Service Delivery Chien-min Huang Taiwan
2C26 Introducing ISO 9001 Quality Managing System to ensure referral services in veterans administration system in central Taiwan Quality of Care and Patient Safety Kuei-Feng Cheng Taiwan
1C06 Lean information management in nursing quality monitoring system Leadership and Management Li-yin Chang (Presenter: Hsiu-Hui Yu) Taiwan
2A01 Lowering the acute myocardial infarction re-admission rate by enhancing the knowledge of secondary prevention care for patients and their relatives Quality of Care and Patient Safety Yi-chun Yang Taiwan
1A19 Multidimensional approach to improve the quality-of-life of residents requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation in a respiratory care facility Service Delivery Tung-han Wu Taiwan
2C11 Multidisciplinary approach to build an intelligent medication management system and improve patient safety Quality of Care and Patient Safety Su-yu Chien Taiwan
2A09 Multifaceted approach to enhance the accuracy of dispensing at a regional teaching hospital in Taiwan Quality of Care and Patient Safety Chiao-ling Fang Taiwan
2B11 Nursing strategies to improvement quality of end-of-life care in intensive care unit Quality of Care and Patient Safety Mei-ling Lo Taiwan
1A20 Outcomes of Implementing Collaborative Patient Care in One Tertiary Hospital (Medical Center) in Central Taiwan Service Delivery Maw-soan Soon Taiwan
2C13 Outcomes of Implementing PharmaCloud System in One Tertiary Hospital (Medical Center) in Central Taiwan Quality of Care and Patient Safety I-hsiang Lin (Presenter: Ling-yu Lin) Taiwan
2C27 Outpatient Service Improvement for the Elderly Quality of Care and Patient Safety Nuan-Ying Xu Taiwan
2A10 Patient Safety Culture Survey in a Local Community Hospital in Southern Taiwan Quality of Care and Patient Safety Liwen Hung Taiwan
1A21 Performance Management Improvement Plan for Critically Ill Adult Patients Service Delivery Wei-ting Hsu Taiwan
2C44 Physical Restraints and Unplanned Endotracheal Extubation Among Patients in Intensive Care Units Quality of Care and Patient Safety Tang Hsiu-yen Taiwan
2C14 Pigtail catheters replace traditional large-bore chest tubes for pneumothoraces in premature infant treated in neonatal intensive care unit Quality of Care and Patient Safety Chien Chou Hsiao Taiwan
2C01 Predictors associated of the injury severity for inpatient falls: a retrospective study Quality of Care and Patient Safety Ching-mei Chang Taiwan
2B03 Prevention of oxygen therapy related pressure injury Quality of Care and Patient Safety Chun-sheng Chen Taiwan
2C45 Process improvement and acute ischemic stroke thrombolytic drug administration safety Quality of Care and Patient Safety Yu Hsia Wang Taiwan
2C02 Project to Improve Ward Noise Problems Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Wen-pei Lo (Presenter: Chiung-yao Yu) Taiwan
1C07 Promote Team Resource Management to Enhance Teaching Ability Leadership and Management Hui-chin Wang (Presenter: Chien-te Lee) Taiwan
1A22 Promote the effectiveness of smoking cessation service in outpatient clinic Service Delivery Ru-hsueh Wang Taiwan
1D05 Promoting Patient Safety by Implementation of the PharmaCloud Technology in Medication Reconciliation Technology Chieh-yu Liao (Presenter: Ming-Fen Wu) Taiwan
1C08 Prototype and simulation design for a cancer center of the future Leadership and Management Wei Cheng Weng Taiwan
2C19 Quality Improvement Program To Reducing Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria Infection Density In The Intensive Care Unit Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Yu-chih Ting Taiwan
1A23 Reaching UNAIDS 90-90-90: Line@ Improves Quality of HIV Case Management Service Delivery Shin-yen Ku Taiwan
2C15 Reduce readmission rate trough pharmacist intervention program Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Hsin-yu Wang Taiwan
2C03 Reduce the rate of injury in hospitalized patients Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Hsiao-yu Chou Taiwan
1C09 Reduce the rate of over 48 hours stay in the emergency department Leadership and Management Ying Chih Sung Taiwan
2C04 Reduce the re-insertion rate of endotracheal tube in patients in the medical intensive care unit Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Yu Ju Liao Taiwan
2C05 Reducing perioperative dental trauma associated with anesthesia by quality improvement in preoperative evaluation Quality Of Care And Patient Safety I-cheng Lu Taiwan
2A03 Reducing Readmission Rate in Chemotherapeutic Patients with Poor Side Effect Management Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Yu Mei Fang Taiwan
2B07 Reducing the error rate in the process of resuscitation Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Chinhsin Yeh Taiwan
2C35 Reducing the rate of severe weight loss in Patients Treated with Radiotherapy: A Quality-improving Study Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Feng-chun Hsu Taiwan
2B08 Research on feelings of advanced cancer patients with dyspnea by using BiPAP Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Wei-chen Liao Taiwan
1E22 Revisit the drug-interaction between carbapenem and valproic acid: refining process on Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) system integration & challenge Challenges to Access Treatment Cheng Chih Wu Taiwan
1E15 Shared decision making model in coronary intervention therapy Patient As A Stakeholder Tung Wen Ko Taiwan
2B05 Shortening the time to emergency management of high risk pregnancies Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Hsueh Chiung-fang Taiwan
1A24 Social Media Marketing for “Mother & Baby-Friendly” Services of a Hospital in Taiwan Service Delivery Mark K. Chan Taiwan
2C28 Sophisticated approach to improving the 30-minute reporting rate of serum troponin-I levels in a tertiary referral center setting Quality Of Care And Patient Safety L.-l. Pan Taiwan
1E08 Spatial Analysis of China’s Hospital Reform Governance, Accountability And Ethics Chelsea C. Chou Taiwan
1D06 Study of the Effect of Audio-and-Video Education from the Perspectives of Medical Professionals : Taking a Preoperative Anesthetic Education as an Example Technology Horn Chen Taiwan
1A25 Tele-Health Care system in aging population Service Delivery Wang Li Chiu Taiwan
1E09 Telling the truth about Brain tumor: clinical Practice and Ethical Dilemmas Faced by Nurses Governance, Accountability And Ethics Te-jung Liu Taiwan
2C06 Temperature and Time-dependent False Negative Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Delayed Entry Samples of Blood Culture Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Hsin-ting Lin Taiwan
1A26 The Application of Activity-based Costing Analysis on Paperless and Electronic Medical Records Policy for Hospitalized Rehabilitation Prescription Service Delivery Chih Hsien Chou Taiwan
1D07 The Application of Portable Ultrasonography on Community-based Kidney Screening – One Year Experience of Taipei City Hospital Technology Yuh-chen Kuo Taiwan
1E18 The Correlations between Resilience education programs and the nurse staff fatigue of the workplace. Facing Human And Natural Threats Chia Pei Chen Taiwan
1C10 The Development of Design Communication Platform for Healthcare Integrated with BIM and Virtual Reality Technologies Leadership and Management Peichi Ho Taiwan
2C29 The effect of flipped teaching on dialysis nurses Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Tzu-chun Chen Taiwan
1A27 The effects of a music-creation group on the anxiety, self-esteem, and quality of life for people with severe mental illness: A quasi-experimental design Service Delivery Beh-huan Chang Taiwan
1E16 A study on managing quality of healthcare and satisfaction by increasing patient safety activity Patient As A Stakeholder Sheng-hsiung Fan (Presenter: Tai-Chin Wu) Taiwan
1E23 The efficacy of human factors engineering model to improve the efficiency of pharmacist’s antibiotic assessment Challenges to Access Treatment Yu-chun Tung Taiwan
1D08 The Exploration of Planned Extubation of elderly patients Technology Ai-chin Cheng Taiwan
1D09 The Feasibility of Hospital-Based Health Technology Assessment in Taiwan Technology Shu-mei Hsu Taiwan
1D10 The greatest health evaluation circumstance by applied IT system Technology Chi Meng-feng Taiwan
1E10 The Implementation of Amendments to Human Organ Transplant Ordinance in Taiwan could change the organ transplants behavior overseas Governance, Accountability And Ethics Kai-ting Ting Taiwan
2C30 The patient-centered laboratory testing and diagnostic process for liver-transplant patients Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Hsien-li Huang Taiwan
2C36 The related factors of anxiety, depression, leisure needs and constraints in women with breast cancer Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Huang Hsiu-mei Taiwan
2A11 The Relation of Intensive Therapy and Glycemic Control in Diabetes Mellitus Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Huang Grace Li Ying Taiwan
2C07 The Role of Health Communication on Critical Care Decision -Making-An Example of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Team Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Lin Jia-wei Taiwan
2B10 The training and evaluation for terminally ill patient’s interprofessional practice Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Su-chiu Wang Taiwan
2C37 Assess the notification of drug therapeutic inequivalence at a hospital in Taiwan Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Ya-wen Huang Taiwan
2C08 To improve patient safety during sedation by propofol target-controlled infusion for gastrointestinal endoscopy Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Jui-mei Huang Taiwan
2B04 To improve the safety of drainage tube (Jackson-Pratt) in post-operative neck tumor patient Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Jui-yueh Yang Taiwan
1E11 To promote intensive care unit non-late patients with hospice care intervention rate of the project Governance, Accountability And Ethics Ya-shiu Lo Taiwan
2A12 To Reduce the Number of Vague Orders during Nursing Practice in Cardiology Ward Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Hsiang-ching Huang Taiwan
1A28 Total integration and excellent efficiency in Ventilator Weaning Center Service Delivery Ching-hsiung Lin Taiwan
2C12 Use radioactive inspection of electronic scheduling system to reduce labor costs and improve operational efficiency Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Hsin-lun Hsieh Taiwan
1A29 Using cooperation among different teams to promote and integrate care and medical quality Service Delivery Yan Chi Hung Taiwan
2C38 Using Information Technology (IT)-incorporated Quality Control Circle (QCC) Significantly Increasing Vital-sign-monitoring Ratio in Patients Received Radiotherapy Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Pohao Lin Taiwan
2C16 Using Pluralism Education Tools to Improve Nasogastric Feeding Skill in Caregivers Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Hui-ya Wang Taiwan
2A13 Utilization of computerized database system to facilitate the efficiency of case management for chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C patients Quality Of Care And Patient Safety I Ling Liu Taiwan
1A30 Validating the Lace Index of predicting 30-day readmission and death risks among one tertiary hospital patients in Taiwan Service Delivery Cheng-kuo Chang Taiwan
2A04 Wound care team involved in discussion of the quality of life of diabetic foot ulcers Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Su-ling Tsai Taiwan
1D11 The effect of time saving on Alert reminder of STAT order’s Nursing Information System Technology Bi-lian Chen Taiwan
1D12 Intelligent Whiteboard System based on Lean Management Technology Yuan-hui Lai (Presenter: Ming-Tsung Liu) Taiwan
1C11 Lean Management and Leadership of Surgical Team Enhance Operating Room Performance and Staffs Satisfaction Leadership and Management Yuan-hui Lai (Presenter: Yin-Lurn, Hung) Taiwan
1A31 Taichung Veterans General Hospital Seeking for the Best Quality of Service and Winning National Award Service Delivery Jia-ying Gau (Presenter: Wei-Jen Chen) Taiwan
1C12 Knowledge management systems for prepare the hospital accreditation Leadership and Management Jia-ying Gau Taiwan
1E07 Humanitarian actions of Taichung Veterans General Hospital are beyond borders Governance, Accountability And Ethics Jia-ying Gau (Presenter: Tzu-Chin Teng) Taiwan
2B13 Hospitalist in a Medical Center in Central Taiwan: Experience from Taichung Veterans General Hospital Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Yi-ting Tsai Taiwan
1A32 Reducing length of stay by means of healthcare quality improvement circle in integrated care ward in Taichung Veterans General Hospital Service Delivery Yi-ting Tsai (Presenter: Wan-tzu Lin) Taiwan
2C31 The Relationships Between Frequency of Renewing Foley Bag and Long-Term Silicon Catheter-related Urinary Tract Infection Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Wang Ling-hui Taiwan
1A33 Services Provided by 24 Hours Telephone Nursing Consultation Service Delivery Liao Yu Chen Taiwan
1A34 Regional System of STEMI for PCI-capable and Non-PCI-capable Responsibility Hospitals in Tainan City in Taiwan Service Delivery Meng-chieh Wu Taiwan
1D13 Using Tablet Computer to Improve the Efficiency of Hospitalist System at Emergency Department in Taiwan Technology Meng-chieh Wu (Presenter: Jui-Chi Li) Taiwan
2C32 Improve Patient Safety through Reducing Delay in Urgent Specimen Delivery Quality Of Care And Patient Safety Paul Huang (Presenter: Yu-Ling Pan) Taiwan
1C13 Innovative Health Promotion – Healthy Trail Walking Contest in Hospital Leadership and Management Paul Huang (Presenter: Yu-Wen Lin) Taiwan
1C14 The Effectiveness Analysis on the Implementation of HRIS in Hospital Leadership and Management Paul Huang (Presenter: Alice Chen) Taiwan
1E19 The Study of Hospital Worker Resilience – Example of A Regional Hospital in Southern Taiwan Facing Human and Natural Threats Paul Huang (Presenter: Wei-Chen Hsiao) Taiwan
1C15 The Action Research on Application of Experience Education in Team Building Leadership and Management Paul Huang (Presenter: Yi-Ting Lin) Taiwan
1C16 Centralized inpatients beds management helps to solve emergency retention by I-P-O model Leadership and Management Shu-wen Huang (Presenter: Chi-Sen Chang) Taiwan
1A35 Use of a time-flow study to reduce patient waiting time and satisfaction in a geriatric outpatient clinic Service Delivery Shu-wen Huang Taiwan
2A17 Organizational culture and risk of burnout at Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo National Referral Hospital Indonesia Quality of Care and Patient Safety Adreasta Meliala Indonesia
2A18 Avoiding diagnostic errors to improve patient safety in psychosomatic medicine Quality of Care and Patient Safety Atsuko Koyama Japan
1A36 1-Bill, 1-Queue Service Delivery Chen Hui Cheng Singapore
1C17 Examining the Effect of Positive Psychosocial Scheme among Newly Graduated Nurses in acute hospitals in Hong Kong Leadership and Management Chui Wing Lam Hong Kong
2A19 Pre-Hospital Discharge Diabetes Education on Meal-Based Blood Glucose Monitoring Quality of Care and Patient Safety Kayin Shimen Au Hong Kong
1A37 The effects of music intervention on anxiety, physiological parameters and satisfaction in adult patients undergoing colonoscopy: A randomized controlled trial Service Delivery Ko Shuk Yee China
1A38 Towards Safe Medication Practice by 7 DOs Service Delivery Lily Choa Hong Kong
2A20 An Analysis of Hospital Health Information Technology and Its Service Quality Performance Quality of Care and Patient Safety Michael Counte United States
2A21 From “Hush-Hush!” To “Share & Learn!” Education Nuggets to Change Safety Culture! Quality of Care and Patient Safety Monica Man Ling Chen Singapore
1E05 Enhance Compliance in Informed Consent Documentation and Quality in Informed Consent Process Governance, Accountability and Ethics Pik Lai Erica Ho Hong Kong
1C18 Social Benefits Plan, implementation and evaluation of results on people Leadership and Management Rafel Vidal-serra Spain
1A39 Utilization of Health Services in Primary Care Unit: An Observational Study Service Delivery Razil Lyn Romero Philippines
1A40 Cornerstones of Operating Room Efficiency: Introduction of a Novel All-in-one Disposable Procedure Pack for Ophthalmic Surgeries Service Delivery Suk Yi Loretta Siu China
1E06 Enhancing Patient Satisfaction by targeting the prime determinants critical to patient experience Governance, Accountability and Ethics Sunanda Bhattacharya India
2A22 Disinfection Made Easy — Evaluate Use of Disinfecting Port Protectors on Central Venous Catheter in Haematology Patients of Queen Elizabeth Hospital of Hong Kong Quality of Care and Patient Safety Wing Ngan, Maryanne Kwok Hong Kong
2A23 Investigation by hospital dentists on oral problems of patients under the care of the nutrition support team in our hospital Quality of Care and Patient Safety Yoshinao Asahi Japan
2C46 Reducing the Error Rate of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit Oropharynx Trachea Tube Intubating Patients’ Oral Hygiene Quality of Care and Patient Safety Xiang-ling Huang Taiwan
1C19 Standardized Pre-operative Management: Pre-print progress notes for same day admission operations Leadership and Management Lai Hang Kwok Hong-Kong
1E24 Conducting revenue cycle with M.D. clinical advisors effectively improves the denial rate: an experience of 220 beds hospital in California Financing and Universal Health Coverage William Huang United States
1E17 Empowering Patients In Their Care Journey Through Advance Care Planning Patient as a Stakeholder Pei Xuan Chua (Presenter: Gwendolyn Ong Wei Ling) Singapore
2B16 Community Comprehensive Medical Care Effort with GPS for Safety Measures and Drug Adherence of Elderly Patients Quality of Care and Patient Safety Futoshi Ebara Japan
2B17 Privileging Audit: Enhancing Safety of Surgical Procedures Quality of Care and Patient Safety Iris Sharon Domingo (Presenter: Donna Joy Penanueva) Singapore
2B18 Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture. Monitoring safety culture in the Portuguese hospitals Quality of Care and Patient Safety Margarida Eiras Portugal
2B19 Significant Reduction of Emergency Department Wait Time Causes Rapid Improvement in Patient Satisfaction Quality of Care and Patient Safety Rachele Hwong United States
2B20 Electronic Policy Management helps Hospital to Comply with Government Agency Standards Quality of Care and Patient Safety Sasha Yu United States
1A41 A Case of Integration in Baix Empordà (Catalonia), 20 years on the road Service Delivery Anna Riera Australia
1A42 Enhanced Maternal Care Package for Quezon Province Service Delivery Grace Santiago Philippines
1A43 Streamlining acute care of the elderly in residential aged care facilities and the emergency department: the CEDRiC project Service Delivery Marianne Wallis Australia
1C20 Cleanroom Remodeling for the PET Radiopharmaceuticals in a Medical Cyclotron Center Technology Chun-Yih Juan China
1B01 SCIENCE, the nursing information design of Taichung Veterans General Hospital Dr Kwang Tae Kim Grand Award Taichung Veterans General Hospital Taiwan
1B02 Improving patient safety by medication reconciliation using augmented Pharmacloud technology Excellence Award for Quality & Safety and Patient-centered Care Taichung Veterans General Hospital Taiwan
1B03 Paperless Hospital – a fully digital medical center in Taiwan Excellence Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Taichung Veterans General Hospital Taiwan
1B04 Initiating and Sustaining King Hussein Cancer Center Lean Journey Dr Kwang Tae Kim Grand Award King Hussein Cancer Center Jordan
1B05 The effectiveness of sharing decision making on nutrition  support and fluid supplement in end-stage patients and their families Dr Kwang Tae Kim Grand Award Tri-Service General Hospital Taiwan
1B06 Climate Impact Mitigation Actions: An Eleven Year Journey of Manila Doctors Hospital in institutionalizing Climate Change Adaptation Dr Kwang Tae Kim Grand Award Manila Doctors Hospital Philippines
1B07 eHealth Centre (eHC) India program Excellence Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Narayana Health India
1B08 The VIP Program – Reducing representations to Calvary Mater hospital for Very Important Patients Excellence Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Calvary Mater Newcastle Australia
1B09 Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Right-Siting Programme (CRiSP): Creating a Sustainable Model of Care Delivery through Strong and Effective Leadership Excellence Award for Leadership and Management in Healthcare Tan Tock Seng Hospital Singapore
1B10 Collaborative integral model of care to chronicity in a large city public network Excellence Award for Leadership and Management in Healthcare Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau Spain
1B11 Good governance and effective leadership by management to promote eye donation in a hospital. Excellence Award for Leadership and Management in Healthcare Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh India
1B12 Improving clinical care and medication safety for millions of inpatients via In-Patient Medication Order Entry System in HK Hospital Authority Excellence Award for Quality & Safety and Patient-centered Care Hospital Authority Hong Kong
1B13 Significant Reduction of Emergency Department Wait Time Causes Rapid Improvement in Patient Satisfaction Excellence Award for Quality & Safety and Patient-centered Care AHMC Healthcare United States
1B14 mHealth Innovation through Practice Redesign for a Patient-Centered Medicine in Taiwan Excellence Award for Quality & Safety and Patient-centered Care MacKay Memorial Hospital Taiwan
1B15 Maximizing quality and efficiency in healthcare management and higher education: The integrated practitioner-teacher model at Rush University Medical Center Excellence Award for Leadership and Management in Healthcare Rush University Medical Center United States
1E25 Hospital Malnutrition in Geriatric Patients RS Cipto Mangunkusumo Indonesia
Gamification in orthopaedic surgery and Traumatology . Experience Lego Serious Play Technology Ana Maria Gómez Spain
The Gamification as a tool to assess the satisfaction of children in pediatric ambulatory surgical Service Delivery Encarna Gómez Spain