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The 6th of September 2017, a press conference was held in Geneva with the International Hospital Federation (IHF) and the Taiwan Hospital Association (THA).


Dr. Eric de Roodenbeke (CEO, IHF) and Dr. Nina Kao (International Cooperation Department Consultat, THA) presented the highlights of the 41st World Hospital Congress held in Taipei, Taiwan, in November 2017.


After having introduced their respective organizations both speakers shared their expectations and the objectives of this congress.


Dr. de Roodenbeke gave an overview of the content of the event under three major aspects. First the congress allows the IHF members to share knowledge. For example on the topic about health systems, each country has its specificity related to historial factors but there are commonalities in facing the challenges.

Then, the members organize the sessions to present the topics of importance for them. The challenges that the systems have faced until today regarding the combination of ageing population and multi-chronic conditions is the example that was mentioned during the press conference. The health systems are organized for particular diseases but changes are coming as ageing population and multi-chronic conditions implies care at home and end of life care.

Another topic of importance is about management and leadership on the core competency directory and the development of the healthcare management and leadership competency platform. The IHF is working on the implementation of this platform and seeks to push education further.

The countries that are presenting will give an overview of the advances and how the challenges are tackled, how technologies can serve the goal.

The IHF will get the healthcare leaders to share on key elements like cyber security, which is growing issue in healthcare organizations which wouldn’t have expected to be victims of cyber attacks.

Finally the General Assembly of the IHF will adopt three resolutions on violence in hospitals, tackling waste in all domains and the importance of outcome measurements.


Dr. Nina Kao talked about the second stage of health insurance in Taiwan which is about doing more prevention to find diseases at an earlier stage. She also introduced the cloud system which purpose is to reduce the waste of medicine. The THA invited IT companies to showcase new technologies. Hospital visits will also be organized.


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