Welcome Messages

It is with great pride that we welcome you to the 41st World Hospital Congress (IHF Taipei 2017).

Over the years, hospitals in Taiwan have put tremendous time and effort into creating a better healing space for the populace. Aside from professional medical experts, cutting edge medical technologies and assets are also crucial to provide professional care as well as comfort and warmth, and are in accordance with this year’s topic “Patient-friendly& Smarter Healthcare”.

Each country faces different challenges and difficulties in relation to hospital management, however we believe that we have same goals to deliver accessible and quality health-care to the general public. This congress is an ideal platform for professionals to exchange thoughts and experiences on the policies and infrastructure of the healthcare system. Your precious opinions will surely shine a new light on the congress and benefit us all.

We look forward to seeing you in IHF Taipei 2017 and don’t miss this chance to experience the charms of Taipei.

Prof. Han Chuan Yang

Co-Chair, National Organizing Committee

Dr Shou Jen Kuo

Co-Chair, National Organizing Committee