Mobile App

The mobile app of the congress will allow you to navigate throughout the event and have access to useful information from your smartphone.


The app will allow you to:

  • Check the schedule and make your own schedule selecting the sessions of interest
  • Get the list of speakers, posters, sponsors and exhibitors
  • Look at the site’s maps and find out events’ locations
  • Contact other attendees and set appointments with them
  • Rate the sessions
  • Share your experience and your comments on social medias
  • Receive the notifications from the IHF Secretariat








Some tips


Filter events per category
You can filter the sessions by category and/or by session type.
1. Click on “Filter”
2. Select “Tracks”
3. Select the session category and/or session type you are interested in


Networking with other attendees
Add yourself to the attendee list to network with other attendees (please, check beforehand whether you are already registered)


Share your digital business card
1. Log in to the app.
2. Tap the Attendees launch icon.
3. Tap the Attendee Options icon in the top right of the screen. Then make sure that the slider marked “Show Me On Attendee List” is set to “On”. Tap OK to confirm.
4. Tap on someone’s name to request their digital business card. They’ll receive a notification to accept or decline.


Remember, every time you request someone’s digital business card and they accept, they’ll receive yours too.


Arrange a B2B meeting with another attendee
1. Go on attendees and click on the attendee you want to organize a B2B meeting with
2. Select “Meeting” to schedule a meeting with this contact
Note that a B2B meeting space is available at the 1st floor (see the map).


Using maps
Under the Maps icon, there are two different kinds of maps: One of the meeting rooms in the event venue, and a city map with points of interest around the event venue.


Venue Map: From the map, tap the red dot to see what sessions will take place in that room, or which organization is exhibiting there.


You can also view the map from a session or exhibitor description page by tapping the location name next to the pinpoint icon.


City Map: Tap a pin on the map to pull up more information on that location. You can even tap the address to access driving directions on your device’s default maps app, like Apple Maps or Google Maps.


More tips are available under the icon “App Help” from the app.