• If I submit an abstract to the WHC 2017, do I have to attend the congress?

Submission of abstract to the WHC 2017 does not require you to attend the congress.


    • When will I know if my submitted abstract has been accepted?

Notifications for oral abstracts has been sent out on May 9, 2017. If you have submitted an oral abstract and haven’t received any notification, please email: 2017congress@ihf-fih.org.

Notifications for poster abstracts will be sent by end of May, 2017.


    • Can we send an abstract after the deadline?

The review process starts immediately after the deadline and because of this, we cannot accept abstracts after the deadline.


    • My abstract was rejected. Is there still a chance that this changes if a presenter cancels his participation?

If a presenter cancels his participation, the scientific committee will get the substitute from the oral abstracts that has been recommended to poster presentation.


    • Will my abstract be published?

If you are making an oral presentation your presentation will be available on the IHF website as a PDF. All accepted presentations are contributing to the global knowledge base that IHF is offering to the international community to enhance health care service delivery performance.

    • Will translation be available during the congress?

The congress will use English without providing the interpretation.


    • Where can we get translation devices?

The congress official language is English, and no interpretation will be provided. If you need any interpreter, please contact the Congress Secretariat before September 20th.


    • I need an interpreter to come with me. Should he register as a Non-IHF Member or as an accompanying person?

Your interpreter will need to register as a Non-IHF Member, because he/she will need to attend the congress with you. The registration of accompanying person is open for attendee’s spouse or family only.


    • Is it possible to follow a session from another location through Skype?

The congress is not available for live streaming.


    • Are sessions recorded with audio or video?

No, the Congress will only upload speaker slides on the website after the congress. No recordings or videos will be uploaded.


    • Can we attend the pre-congress session on Monday, November 6th?

Pre congress session is subject to specific registration rules that may vary according to the session and the organizer. Please check on the congress website where each session is fully detailed.


    • Do you provide outlets for electrical supply onsite or do we have to bring our own?

You will have to bring their own outlets. Electrical sockets (outlets) in Taiwan (are very similar to the electrical outlets found in the United States and Canada, and if your appliance has a North American plug, it’s possible that you won’t need any adapter at all in order to plug in there. However, there are two potentially very important physical differences that may need to be addressed with an adapter: grounding and/or polarization. If your plug has one or both, and the socket doesn’t, then the plug may not physically be able to fit into the socket without an adapter.

    • Is it possible to reserve a seat and pay later?

No, since we need to report the attendee number to each institution for their preparation, a seat will only be reserved once the payment is received, and no cancellation will be accepted for the visit.


    • Are we allowed to take photos/videos during the visit?

You can take photos or make videos of yourself in the hospital, but other patients or staff members cannot be recognizably visible or audible. Please confirm the permission of photography or filming with institution staff.

    • Where can I find information about hotel availability and rates?

Information about a selection of hotels located around the congress site is available here. Reservation is based on a first-come, first-served basis, and the deadline for online reservation is September 20, 2017 in Taiwan local time. Reservation after the due date is subject to availability.


    • Can I book a hotel room without registering to the congress?

Yes. You can make a hotel reservation here. The hotel reservation will only be confirmed once full payment is made by credit card online.


    • Can I reserve a room without a credit card?

No. The payment for hotel reservation is processed via credit card online


    • Until when can I book a hotel room?

Reservation is based on a first-come, first-served basis, and the deadline for online reservation is September 20, 2017 in Taiwan local time. Reservation after the due date is subject to availability. More information about official hotels is available here.

    • How do I apply for a visa to Taipei?

To find all the information you need regarding the Visa application, please check the Bureau of Consular’ Affairs website.


    • Where can I get a visa invitation letter to apply for a visa?

The Visa application letter you may require is the Letter of Guarantee for Visa Application. You can download a PDF version on the website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs here.


    • Is it possible to send an official invitation letter directly to my local Taiwanese consulate/embassy?

According to the rules for Visa application, the Guarantor will send the Letter of Guarantee for Visa Application to the Bureau of Consular Affairs.

    • Where can I find the badge to have access to the Congress?

Please collect your name badge at the registration counters which locates at the ground floor of TICC during the congress. You must be accredited as media (press badge) to benefit from a press badge.

    • What are the dimensions of the posters?

Poster dimension should be A0 – 84.1 cm wide x 118,9 cm tall (33.1 x 44.8 inches) for display, and a PDF version at A4 format should also be made available for possible reading on a computer/device screen.


    • When and how can I hang my poster onsite?

The poster set-up time is: 3:00 – 6:00 p.m., Monday, November 6th
The congress will provide double-sided cloth tapes and scissors onsite for presenters to adhesive the posters on the panel wall.
Please bring other products with you if you require more than cloth tape, and please note that the products for adhesive posters cannot damage the wall while dismantling.


    • Where do I get my poster printed?

You will need to print the poster at home and bring the final version to the venue. Posters should be printed according instructed size, and may not be displayed if they do not comply with instructions.


    • Where do I hang my poster?

It is your responsibility to identify the spot for your poster in the display area.


    • Can someone else hang my poster if I do not attend the congress?

The representative should be present onsite at the time and date provided for him/her be able to present. It is expected that you will be able to respond to questions during the breaks when participants are invited to look the posters.


    • Will my poster be published?

Your poster will be available on IHF website after the congress. It will contribute to the global knowledge data base that IHF is offering to the international community to enhance health care service delivery performance.


    • When must I be present in the poster area?

It is recommended to be present during the coffee and lunch breaks to be able to answer participants’ questions.

    • How do I register to the IHF World Congress Hospital 2017 in Taipei?

To register for the congress, you have to create an online account here and then follow the instructions.


    • How can I pay the registration fees?

All registration fees are paid in Taiwan Dollar (TWD) via Credit Card online.  You will be asked to complete the payment via credit card online at the end of your registration process. Once your registration payment is made, a “Registration Confirmation” letter will be sent to your registered mailbox.


    • Can I receive an invoice under the sponsoring company/institution’s name?

A receipt will be sent to your registered mailbox within a month after your registration. If you require an extra invoice under the sponsoring company/institution’s name, please kindly contact Congress Secretariat at ihf2017-taipei@gisgroup.com


    • Can I register to the congress without paying?

No. The registration will be directed to online payment page, and the process will only be completed when the payment is made.


    • Can I register before the early fee deadline and pay later?

No. Early bird rate is only applied to those who pay the registration fees before early bird due date-July 31st 2017 in Taiwan local time. From August 1st 2017, you will need to pay regular rate no matter when you register.


    • Can I register on-site?

Yes. On-site registration is available from November 6th to 9th. More information about on-site registration is available here.


    • What does registration fee include?

Registration fees for Congress include Main Congress, Lunches & Coffee Breaks, Exhibitions, and Welcome Reception. More information about registration package is available here.


    • Will I receive a confirmation letter once I have finished registering?

Yes. Once your registration payment is completed, a “Registration Confirmation” letter will be sent to your registered mailbox. Please kindly check your spam/junk mail folders if you do not receive the confirmation letter in case the mail may be categorized as spam or junk mail.


    • I registered, but I would like to add additional events to my registration. How can I do that?

Yes. Please kindly email your requests to Congress Secretariat at ihf2017-taipei@gisgroup.com before September 20th 2017 in Taiwan local time.


    • Is there an age limit at the IHF TAIPEI 2017 conference or events?

Admission is open to the professionals over 18 years of age


    • I can no longer attend the congress, can I send a substitute?

Yes. Please kindly email your requests to Congress Secretariat at ihf2017-taipei@gisgroup.com before September 20th 2017 in Taiwan local time and please note that any registered activities, such as social events and tours, under your registration cannot be amended or cancelled.


    • I registered for the congress but I cannot attend it every day. Is it possible to send a substitute?

All congress attendees must wear name badges all the time while entering meeting sessions, welcome reception and all events. Access to conference functions without a badge will be denied.

    • Is it possible to do a reservation and pay later?

No. We need to have the confirmed attendee number to arrange the shuttle bus and purchase the related tickets in advance. Please kindly pay the fees to confirm your seat for the tours.


    • Is it possible to register to a pre AND a post-congress tour?

Yes. You can register a pre- and a post-congress tour and complete the payment in the registration system.

    • What are the conditions to organize a side event?

Please contact the organizers if you are interested in hosting a side meeting at 2017congress@ihf-fih.org.

    • Is the Gala Dinner included in the complementary registration of the speakers and moderators of the member sessions?

Yes, the Gala Dinner is included in the complimentary registration of the speakers and moderators of the member sessions and also included in the complimentary registration of keynote speakers, scientific committee members, organizing committee members, IHF VIP (include GC Members).


    • Do I have to be present during the free social events?

Social events are the best places to expand your network and to meet and greet old and new friends.